We interviewed Chef/Owner Cyrille Couet about one of his favorite breakfast dishes, waffles:

What is your most enjoyable childhood memory relating to waffles?
Back home in France, waffles are something to enjoy at a carnival or festival event. They are usually best enjoyed when covered in jam and powdered sugar. 

What is the biggest challenge you have when making waffles?
They are not challenging to make, however, time management is key. Waffle batter is always better when it's made a day before you have to be prepare!  

Do you have any secret ingredients that you use in your waffle batter?
Instead of using melted Butter, I cook it with a Beurre Noisette (hazelnut butter). It ads an extra layer of richness and flavor.

Do you ever make or enjoy savory waffles? If so, what is your favorite flavor combination?
My favorite way to eat a waffle is to enjoy it with savory components. On my bench menu I feature a duck confit waffle with a sage cream sauce. It is splendid! Another variation of this would be a smoke salmon waffle with dill cream sauce.

Can I still make a waffle if I don't have a waffle iron at home?
That is a tough question. Of course, you need the waffle iron to achieve the desired shape. If you want to make them the shape of a pancake, but still use the waffle batter, you can. The result will be a very fluffy pancake. Of course, you can always close your eyes and get a waffle! :-)