Interview with Wember Castillo, Head Bartender at Bistro Duet:

What is your favorite type of vodka to use in a Bloody Mary?

I really like using spiced vodkas or rich-flavored vodkas. Mushroom vodka, for example, adds more earthiness to a Bloody Mary. My current favorite is an organic tomato vodka. Its flavor is similar to sun-dried tomatoes, which provides a rich layer of tomato flavor that holds up nicely with the other flavors.

There are so many versions of Bloody Marys out there. What is your favorite?

As much as I like Bloody Marys, I like a "Bloody Maria" even more. All you have to do is use tequila instead of vodka. I use a Reposado or Anejo tequila to achieve a more complex flavor.

What is your favorite seasoning to use when you make a Bloody Mary?

You can add the kitchen sink into a Bloody Mary if you really want to. My favorite seasoning to use is celery salt - and best of all - it's found in most people's spice cabinets. Celery salt really ads a wonderful fresh flavor.

Do you have any interesting garnish ideas?

Absolutely! The two most unique garnishes I've seen have been cajun shrimp or pickled green beans. You can either skewer a cajun shrimp or hang it right off the side of the glass. Otherwise, simple celery stalks and olives are always a safe option.

Wember's favorite Bloody Mary Recipe @ Bistro Duet:

- 1.5 oz organic tomato vodka

- pinch of celery salt

- pinch of cracked pepper

- a few dashes of tabasco

- lime and lemon juice

- pinch horseradish

- .5 oz Worcestershire sauce

- tomato juice