The Winiker Jazz Trio, Bistro Duet's Sunday Brunch House Band

Bo & Bill Winiker and Neil Greene performed at Sunday brunches at the Last Hurrah in the Parker House Hotel for 14 years and at the popular Skipjack’s Boston brunch for more than 20 years. Find out more about this fascinating trio below, and join us for Sunday Brunch to hear their legendary music live!

What makes you guys so different than other live bands? 

What makes the Winiker Trio’s jazz brunch so unique is that their trademark has always been fun, lively upbeat music played at the softest volume imaginable.

Why do you enjoy playing music at Bistro Duet? 

We love performing at Bistro Duet because the staff is so friendly and the food is delicious! We have performed at thousands of weddings, corporate events and birthday and anniversary parties all across New England. 

What role do you play in keeping people happy in the restaurant?

We believe we are warm and personable and folks keep coming back to Bistro Duet time and time again for the great food and service combined with exceptional music in a relaxed setting.  

What do you enjoy besides playing music?

I (Bo) am an avid golfer, and can be found out on the links when not performing. Bill is constantly creating new music programs when he is away from the bandstand.

Do you have any advice for people who. haven't tried the brunch at Bistro Duet yet?

If you haven’t been to Bistro Duet for Brunch please mark your calendars to try it sometime soon. It’s a musical dining experience that can’t be beat!